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Plusnet moved me to BT Business

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Plusnet moved me to BT Business

Hi, I have been with Plusnet from the beginning (and Metronet before that) as a residential customer. I phoned up the main Plusnet number last week to find out what packages were available and got offered a change saving me about £6/month from existing broadband/phone contract to a broadband/digital phone package with promise that keep same landline number. But then realised that I was being moved to a BT Business package, withe an inclusive free UK landine/mobile/international calls package 24 month contract  (BT business hub and what seems a high spec dect IP phone).

Seemed odd but a reasonable deal with what might be some advantages. But wasn't really explained why I would be moved to BT. Then got a message from plusnet, sorry you're leaving us and that there would be an early termination fee for the 8 month left on contract! 

Phoned Plusnet again who said it was odd. I thought I had been scammed. Phoned BT and they had details of the BT account I had created as instructed and that all was in order. Phoned Plusnet to say that I had not intended to leave them but it was they who had transferred me to BT. This Plusnet advisor said it sounded like I had been offered a good deal as I wanted to keep my landline tel no and plusnet can now only offer broadband only deals. She confirmed that they have the ability to offer and transfer existing plusnet customers to BT. She is als arranging to cancel the early contract termination fee.

Has anyone else had a similar experience?