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Nextdns DoT blocked on connect

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Nextdns DoT blocked on connect

If I have private dns on in Android 12, using nextdns for DoT I connect to my wifi but it says no internet and I cannot browse anywhere, however once I disable this I'm ok, but if I then reenable it it works, so it's only not working on the initial connection. Is there a reason for this? It's a pain disabling-enabling this every day on devices, but it clearly 'works' once connected. Any help would be great!
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Plusnet Staff
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Re: Nextdns DoT blocked on connect

Sounds like a NextDNS issue if DoT works without it but doesn’t work with it. Although I’m not actually sure what DoT is. It may be worth getting in touch on their forums here as people over there may have more of an idea. I hope this helps. Smiley

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