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Crackling/Static after snow

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Crackling/Static after snow

Any else get crackling/static after snow fall. I'm getting it intermittently since yesterday. Hoping itll settle.

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Re: Crackling/Static after snow


That suggests that there is a dodgy joint on your line somewhere that it would be worthwhile getting fixed.  It may be that it "fixes itself", in that it dries out and the crackling/static goes, until next time water gets into it.  This might all have an impact on your broadband speeds with extra interference.

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Re: Crackling/Static after snow

Thanks for your post @Faizan786

I'm sorry to see your line's crackling after the recent snow storm.

I've run a test and they're not showing an issue. Is your line still crackly? 

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Re: Crackling/Static after snow

Snow blows in and gets where no rain can. So as pjmarsh has said it may fix itself, and not return until the next rare occurrence of high winds and snow.

I remember going in my attic once and seeing a light dusting of snow over the floor, that had blown between the tiles. That was the year I had roofing felt put under the tiles.