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Just a tip

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Just a tip

I recently installed Dreamweaver CS3 as my previous version was very old. On setting it up I had to define the remote site so I copy and pasted the details from PlusNet site, so as to not type the details incorrectly - yes I did put in my own usename and password. Dreamweaver could not connect to the remote host. After a lot of searching to find where I had gone wrong, includeing did I get a space when copying the details I resorted to typing in the details. Worked first time. So, I do not know why, but it worked (or not) for me and thought others might like to just be aware.
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Re: Just a tip

I've never really used Dreamweaver or FrontPage enough to find them of any use personally,
they always caused problems rather than made thigns simple and optimal.
I resorted 3/4 years ago to using a good Text Editor for all my programming, and WinSCP is probably the best thing around as far as handeling the available protocols that PlusNet allow as I use S-FTP because FTP just times out all the damned time it gets annoying.
Thankyou for posting and contributing your solution as some users here will be using this type of software.