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Insensitive handling of a bereavement

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Insensitive handling of a bereavement

My father-in-law died on 15th March 2022 - Having been a loyal Plusnet subscriber for many years.

I, too, have been a Plusnet subscriber for over a decade.

I am a joint executor of his will and a joint trustee of his estate.

We live over 200 miles from his home. Given the distances involved we clearly cannot just pop in and out every few days.

As such, it is imperative that we retain a working telephone and broadband service in his home. Without this, no one can be paid. Including Plusnet.

I have simply asked Plusnet to do as all other utility providers do, ie. to wait patiently for the estate to be unravelled, probate granted, and creditors paid what they're due.

Instead they're loading late payment fees onto his account and have placed restrictions on the service. With a possible threat of disconnection.

If Plusnet restricts the service then I shall restrict the payment.

If Plusnet cancels the service outright then they're not going to get a single penny from me.

I consider Plusnet to be extremely arrogant in the handling of this matter, at this difficult time.

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Re: Insensitive handling of a bereavement

Hello Paul,

Welcome to the forums.  May I offer my condolences for your family's loss.

I find the content here very sad - management of deceased account holder's accounts is something the Super Users have championed on a number of occasions through the years.  Such has given rise to very clear practices for these circumstances, as documented here - Your account contact details | Help | Plusnet

However it is possible that not all agents are fully aware of the right approach to be taken.  You might find more aware assistance by contacting the COTS team rather than the main support number.

Contact Customer Options Team (aka COTS)

COTs is the place to go to if you want to find out anything to do with your contract in respect of leaving, renewing or simply enquiring about early termination charges (ETCs). They have their own number and tend to answer quicker than the general customer service number.

Direct dial numbers

  • 0800 013 2632(from within the UK)
  • +44 330 123 9197 (from abroad)
  • Available...
    • 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday
    • 9am - 7pm Saturday
    • 9am - 6pm Sunday

 Other than that, one of the social team might be able to assist direct with you.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: Insensitive handling of a bereavement

Thanks for your kind wishes. The most ridiculous thing of all is that Plusnet stands to gain from keeping the service active. I don't want it cut off!! All I'm asking of them is to wait. If can release some capital prior to probate being granted, then creditors who've been pleasant will get paid sooner than those who are being obstructive.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Insensitive handling of a bereavement

Hiya @paul707, thanks you for getting in touch on our Community Forums. 


I'm so sorry for the loss of your Father in Law, please accept my sincerest condolences. I'm sorry for the issues that you are experiencing with sorting the account and for the undue stress this has caused. 


I can see my colleague has picked up your message over on Facebook and will respond to you there shortly. 


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 Lauren Barry
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