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How relevant is BT OR Fibre Status webpage

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Registered: ‎17-08-2007

How relevant is BT OR Fibre Status webpage

Hi folks,

like so many of us currently without FTTC I have been checking the above for some idea of (if) when fibre is a coming.

I have been checking since February 2017 when I was moved onto a (new) infill fibre cabinet. By the end of Feb. the BT OR site was indicating "connect" and an enquiry to BT OR stated 4 months to service.

The site now indicates "activate" and states service typically within the "next month". However it has been like that for the last 3 months!

Enquiries to PN just result in a reference to the same site, hence I am still checking and waiting. With BT OR not end user facing where can you obtain some information more useful and relevant.

I am connected to cabinet 8 on the Bow Street telephone exchange.