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Facebook and Twitter slowdowns help

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Facebook and Twitter slowdowns help

It looks like the Facebook and Instagram issues we first saw last year have resurfaced, If you're affected by the issue we'd be grateful if you could provide us with the following information.

@JonoH wrote:

In order for us to investigate these issues further, we need help from people impacted. If you're experiencing issues with Facebook/Instagram and could provide us with the below data here, we'd be extremely grateful.

  • What device (manufacturer, model and OS version) you are using
  • When you experience the issue what is your IP address i.e. reproduce the issue then browse to a site like to confirm your IP.
  • Which router (model + software version) you are using. Visit 192.168.l.254 and log into your router to get this information
  • If you're able to replicate the issue, would you be happy for us to contact you and run tests on your line whilst you the problem 


Please only respond in this thread with this specific information, if you want to talk about the issue in general, please post here

 Jono H
 Plusnet Community Manager