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FTTP - Collapsed duct - general query

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FTTP - Collapsed duct - general query

I wonder if anyone from Plusnet can answer this 'general' query.

A relative is considering switching from Virgin cable to Plusnet FTTP as a new customer.  They used to have BT phone/ADSL line with the line coming into the property through grey plastic round duct/pipe under the front driveway.   The property is in a housing estate built about 25 years ago.

My query is if the Openreach engineer discovers the duct has collapsed and there is no alternative route, can the customer stop and cancel the FTTP installation, if they do not wish their driveway to be dug up to repair the damaged duct?

Is the customer subject to penalty fees for cancelling order/contract due to above reason?

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Re: FTTP - Collapsed duct - general query

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Re: FTTP - Collapsed duct - general query


Hi Bill,

Yeah that’ll be fine to cancel the order for a full refund without penalty fees as it wouldn’t have completed. Smiley

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