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CGI login - can't reset password

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CGI login - can't reset password

I'm trying to access the CGI portal at but the login details I have don't work (my FTP access is working fine). I've tried the 'reset password' link on that page, but nothing comes through.


Does anyone know how I can reset my password so I can access the portal? I've had a support question open about this for well over a week but no one has got back to me. Would be very grateful for assistance as I need to export my site's database. Thanks.

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Re: CGI login - can't reset password

I haven't been able to access CCGI server (getting 530 Login incorrect), so I too tried accessing CGI portal - my login details don't work, and nothing comes through on the 'reset password' link either. So I'd also be interested in discovering how I can reset my password.

[Note: this is for a different account to the one I'm using in the forum]



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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: CGI login - can't reset password


Hi both,


@ra_beale - I've now escalated your query to the correct department and would expect a response within 2/3 working days.


@val - you have more than one account with us - could you please confirm which account username this relates to via a PM and I'll raise this to the same department for you?


Best wishes