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Are PlusNet Broadband only price rises likely soon?

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Are PlusNet Broadband only price rises likely soon?

As subject; in view of the recent price rises announced by BT, what is the likelihood of PN following suit?

In particular I'm thinking of 'Unlimited Fibre' and 'Unlimited Fibre Extra' currently priced at £17.49 and £22.49 respectively.

I'm presently paying £17.49 for 40/20 (FTTP) which is a good compromise speed for me (balancing price against speed - OK, faster is better, and it would be nice if BT did faster upload speeds), but if I was aware that substantial price increases were imminent it might persuade me to upgrade to 80/20 to lock in the old price.


What do people think is likely?

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Re: Are PlusNet Broadband only price rises likely soon?



I've been on FTTP for the past 3 years and the basic 80/20 cost has been £19.99 for that period (plus the additional charge for not having a phone line which is now £2.50 so £22.49 per month in total).


In that time, the line rental and other phone related costs have increased but not the broadband. So a rise in broadband costs would seem to be likely except that the market place is very competitive. 


In the past, ISP's have quoted the cost of broadband in adverts in big fonts but hidden the costs of line rental etc. that are necessary to get the deals into either smaller fonts or in the small print. In the autumn of this year, the adverts will not be able to do that and must show the full costs of any deal with equal weight to all parts of it. So you could argue that the ISP's can increase any part of the deal and it will have to show the total figure so why not add the increase this year to the broadband cost? Then you can claim to have frozen line rental in your adverts.


Pure conjecture currently. I'm as puzzled as the next person as to what the ISPs will actually do but I would assume that some part of their product range would have a price increase.

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Re: Are PlusNet Broadband only price rises likely soon?

It's unlikely we will ever see the truth in an advert despite any upcoming regulations. It's hard enough to get a plusnet straight answer on this forum or often just any answer.


I expect all ISP's spin doctors are furiously working out how to play this to their advantage. I don't expect it to help customers in any way.