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spam again !

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spam again !

I Have 2 mailboxes one with Plusnet & one with Googlemail.
No problem with the Googlemail as it seems to automatically filter out spam but my Plusnet mail is getting swamped with the stuff. (Much of it obscene)
What I want to do is close my current plusnet mail (there is nothing in it I wish to keep) and set up a new Plusnet e-mail account. Is this simple to do ? Is there anything I need to be aware of when doing this ?
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Re: spam again !

A couple of questions
Have you disabled the catchall and is spam filtering switched on,
You can create as many email accounts as you wish in the format so just create a new one.
Which account received the spam - is it the default account to which the Plusnet notifications are sent - if so you will need to nominate a new contact email address