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losing the will to live

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Registered: ‎25-04-2020

losing the will to live

Any help on this would be really appreciated, I've been with Plusnet for years but if I can't resolve this quickly I'll have to leave as I'm losing work. I'm using an email address with a suffix of a domain hosted by Plusnet.

Work mails were not arriving, tried a few things but eventually I gave up and turned off all my spam settings. All emails (I think) now arrive and my inbox is much more interesting Smiley

See question Question #200265432

However, now (assume it's not a coincidence but I don't know) some / many (I'm not sure) emails I send are arriving at destination in the users trash box so often not found (more than one user e.g. one UK, one Serbian, they weren't previously goig into trash). I sent out a pile of emails today to non-business addresses asking for confirmation of receipt and all were received so it would appear to be only some (and only business) destinations are an issue.