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Can you please help.  We have a desktop using XP, we now have a laptop using windows livemail.  We connected up to livemail on the 1st Jan. no problems, then on the 2nd it wouldn't accept our password.  We've sent a question in but they just say maintainance problems (we believe the maintainance is complete now)  We keep trying with the laptop to connect to livemail so we can send and receive emails but still no joy.  It still says password invalid.
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Re: Webmail

Windows Live Mail is an email program (client) that runs on your PC rather than being "webmail" which you used as the title of this topic. However maybe you used the title as meaning Internet mail?
Have you checked that everything is setup as described in the Windows Live Mail settings help guide?
To check username and password logging into the real webmail here is suggested. If that works the same information should work on the laptop entered as described in the guide mentioned above.
Does this help?