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Totalise email addresses

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Totalise email addresses

I used to be a Totalise/Madasafish ISP customer and had several email addresses.

One was directly associated with my account, the other two were 'free'.

I just found some notes relating to these accounts, suggesting that the addresses may still be valid, so I thought I would send a test message to see if they were indeed 'live'. The account-related email was bounced back as undeliverable, as expected, but the other two did not, which suggests they are still viable addresses.

I have tried logging-in to the Plusnet webmail, without success, but my notes do not suggest the password/s used.

It would be wise to check that no-one is still trying to contact me before asking if they can be disabled, but that will require me to log in.

What to do now?

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Community Gaffer
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Re: Totalise email addresses

If you still know the main account they were related to, you should be able to log in at and update the passwords through there.

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 Chris Parr
 Plusnet Staff