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Retaining emails on the server

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Retaining emails on the server

I've set up a few sub email accounts within my PN email options,  When I look at my emails in the webmail reader, I see that emails on my main account  seem to stay on the server after they've been downloaded by a mail client.  This is good most of the time, because it means that emails to that account will be downloaded on each of the machines I use.
But when I look at the account I set up for my wife, I see that her emails are gone from the server as soon as they've been downloaded once, on either machine.
I've looked through all the options I can find on the webmail reader, but don't see one that gives me control over when/how/whether or for how long emails are kept on the server.
Is there some kind of settings panel I've missed that I can use for this?

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Re: Retaining emails on the server

The setting is in the POP3 email client. You need to go in to your wife's settings on her PC and turn on the leave a copy on the server option.
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