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Reset server password

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Reset server password

Hi,  I stupidly changed the server password on a plusnet email account without realising it, how can I reset it and log in to my emails again?

Every time I try and send / receive emails it prompts me to enter the username and password, but I do not know the password.

If a reset link is be sent sent to my email in the process, I cannot access my email to get the link as I'm not connected to the server!  Any advice please?

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Re: Reset server password

Can you access the member centre via your PlusNet username and main password?
I would have thought you can configure your e-mail boxes from there and reset the passwords?

I don't know as I don't use PlusNet e-mail but I would have thought you could do it from there.

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Re: Reset server password


A warm welcome to the forums.  Though referring to compromised email accounts, this should still help...

Reset email password

If you are not able to login to the email address using webmail, then it is likely that your email address has been identified as being compromised and has had its password changed. Where email address passwords have been changed to protect the integrity of the service, the Plusnet account password is left unchanged.

Which ISP are you with, Plusnet or one of the other / legacy vISPs?

Plusnet / Force9 / FreeOnline users can only change the password on the DEFAULT email address by changing the password on the user ACCOUNT through the user portal. You can change the password on a secondary mailbox using the Manage My Mail options in the user portal.

Brightview users (Madasafish / FreeNetName / GlobalNet / IC24 / ICScotland / Dialstart / Totalise) logging into webmail should use their full email address. Use the MAAF user portal to update the password on the default email address (change the account password) and use this MAAF guide to change the password on a secondary mailbox address. If you cannot recall the account password, you will need to contact support ... because the account password change process sends an email to the mailbox you cannot now access.

DO NOT USE THE SAME PASSWORD AGAIN for that would allow the continued exploitation of the account. The new password should be cryptic and not one used before.

Note that changing the account password will change the password used for logging on to the relevant user portal. If your email service is NOT a retained legacy service (one associated with a retired internet service account), then the password required by the router to connect to the internet will be changed too. If the router is a Hub Zero or a Hub One supplied by Plusnet it should update automatically. If not, you will need to log into the router, drop the connection, change the password yourself and reconnect.

On the assumption that the email address password has been compromised, I strongly recommend that wherever you have used that email address / password combination as access credentials to services such as Amazon, Netflix, eBay etc., that you also change the passwords on those service as well.


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Re: Reset server password

Thanks for your post @perthiaur

Based on what you've said it sounds like you'd need to call us on 0800 432 0200 to reset your password.

However could you private message me your email address so I can take a closer look?

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