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Problems with Madasafish emails - wrong password?

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Registered: ‎16-02-2017

Problems with Madasafish emails - wrong password?


I don't think my issue is related to the one that everyone else is having so thought I would start a new thread.

When we joined Madasafish many years ago we set up our own domain and also linked emails (the end of the email does not end, it ends (example)) . The domain is long gone but we have continued to use the emails which we got via Outlook - we had 4 email addresses all on the same Outlook account.

Everything has been fine until we replaced our PC yesterday. I have managed to add my email account to Outlook but the other 3 email accounts are not able to be added.

The password was the same for everyone so that should not be the issue but maybe it is? The problem is there is no where to go to retrieve the password/create a new one.

Can anyone guide me in how to add an email account to Outlook and/or what to do to reset/retrieve a password for a Madasafish email account that doesn't actually end in Madasafish