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Plus Net email address suddenly stopped working

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Plus Net email address suddenly stopped working


Its been a very long time since I was a plus net customer however myself and my dad have been using the plus net email addresses without a problem until today. 

Using outlook my dad has tried to logon using the same password (saved in outlook) but it will not let him logon. The password is 100% correct as it hasn't been changed in outlook.

I have tried using webmail for both mine and my dads and we just keep getting the same logon error. 

My dads email is an additional mailbox on my. I cannot access the customer login.

Not so much an issue for me as I have since changed to Gmail but my dad doesnt like change being an old un.


Any ideas thanks 

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Re: Plus Net email address suddenly stopped working

Hi @T1000 

A warm welcome to the forums.  For total clarity, are you referring to email addresses or one of the multitude of legacy vISP mail addresses?

Are you saying that you cannot log into the user portal with your account-name and password?

Is this an active Plusnet (paid for) account or just a legacy mail only account?

What happens of you send an email to from Gmail - do you get a Non-Delivery-Report (NDR)?  The receipt on a NDR might indicate a fundamental issue with the account.

The fact that you cannot log in via webmail (using account-name or account-name+dad) somewhat eliminates the likelihood that Outlook is encountering an network issue which is 'presents' as being a password error.

Which version of Outlook does your dad use?

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