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New customer - how to set up e-mail (Webmail)

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New customer - how to set up e-mail (Webmail)

I am a new customer of Plusnet ( 6 days ago).


I have been unable to login to PlusNet e-mail.  

I go to 'Manage My Mail' and the only option I get is 'Add a new mailbox' - but I thought that one was set up automatically when the account was created. Notwithstanding, I type in a 'New Mailbox name' and press 'ADD', and it goes back to an empty 'Add a new mailbox' screen.  there is never any follow-up or confirmation that anything has happened.  I have tried this several times over the last few days, and nothing.

I have also tried logging in to Web Mail ( and all I get is 'Login failed'.


Any ideas?

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Re: New customer - how to set up e-mail (Webmail)

Hello Charlie,

A warm welcome to the forums.

User account set up has varied over the years, I do not know if the first mailbox is indeed set up on account creation now.  It used to be, then it was not and I think it has changed again since then.

First question - a customer for 6 days - is that 6 days since sign-up or since your service went live?  The use of email is restricted prior to the service going live.

Are you sure that the "return" screen does not report an error?  The invalid password error screen looks like the add a new mailbox screen ... with an error reported lower down the new mailbox details page.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: New customer - how to set up e-mail (Webmail)

@charlieg51 Welcome to the forums. Apologies that no-one has picked this up, and I don't think I can answer this conclusively, but I understand that the current practice is not to automatically create an email address on account set-up, although you should be able to create one, as you are trying to do at the moment. There are previous posts on this subject, although I can't find one at the moment.

As I am an existing customer my mail management page is a little different, so I can't see what you do, unfortunately.

Just as thought, does your user account name ( ) appear to the right of the field where you enter the 'Mailbox name'?

EDIT @Townman must have read ny mind.😉

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Re: New customer - how to set up e-mail (Webmail)

Jab1, townman,


Thanks for your replies.


It looks like this is now working.  I'm not sure what changed - but perhaps something happened behind the scenes.


FYI - I WAS getting an error message, but it was off the bottom of the screen, and anyway it wasn't very helpful.