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Inbox now empty

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Inbox now empty

Over the last week all emails in my inbox on Outlook (Office365) have disappeared and no new ones have appeared. they are still coming through on the Outlook app on Android phone and Tablet but not on laptop. It's just Inbox...all other folders are still showing. Also when I checked Webmail I couldn't load Inbox as it kept timing out. Any ideas why this might have happened?

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Re: Inbox now empty

Hi @Joep62 

A warm welcome to the forums.  What you describe sounds like two different issues.

Slow webmail

There is a known gremlin in the third party Round Cube webmail program which can cause delays in listing emails - see the end user mitigation post at the top of the Email board here. It somewhat appears that any sorting or filtering on a large mailbox cripples the performance of RC webmail, where as the 'basic' webmail program (Squirrel Mail) is not affected. Using Squirrel Mail can be an effective way of accessing a mail box which is running slow with RC.


Have there been any changes to your set up recently?

When you refer to Outlook 365 - to be clear do you mean Outlook 2016 or 2019 installed on your PC?  If yes, I would suggest a couple of things...


  1. Outlook has got its sync setting muddled - start outlook in safe mode 
    Load the run command box: Press windows-key+R
    Run Outlook in safe mode: Type outlook.exe /safe ​
  2. Outlook has got its account configuration muddled - it is easier to to check this manually rather than have Outlook attempt its own "repairs"
    Close Outlook
    Launch Control Panel
    Select Mail
    Click Email Accounts...
    Click the problem account
    Click Test Account Settings
    Note the results of send / receive​

    If that reports an error rectify it, if not go to (3)


  3.  Some times Outlook gets its IMAP structure twisted - this seems to be related to situations where one mailbox is accessed by different IMAP clients - explicitly setting the folder root appears to fix the issue - there are two approaches... 

    Follow as in (2) above but DO NOT click the Test Account settings
    Click More Settings
    Select the advanced tab
    In the root folder path box, type: /inbox
    Click OK
    Click Next> (this will test the settings)
    Click Close and finish
    From within Outlook
    Select the Send / Receive tab
    Select send & receive groups
    Select Define Send/Receive Groups (very near the botton)
    Select All Accounts
    Click Edit...
    Select the problem account on the left
    Click Account Properties (top right)
    Select the advance tab
    In the root folder path box, type: /inbox
    Click OK's to get all the way out
    Click send & receive​

    Check the inbox list - it might take a minute or two to refresh - the folder structure might look a little different.

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