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How to setup Plusnet emails via Outlook 2021?

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How to setup Plusnet emails via Outlook 2021?

Hi - I have been using Plusnet email on an ancient PC via Outlook 2003 for many years. Some 3 years ago I invested in a Windows 10 Laptop with Office 365 for work and was able to set up my Plusnet emails with no issues but continued to use my old PC at home. Recently I uninstalled Office 365 on the laptop as I purchased Office 2021 (no annual fee) but now I cannot set up Plusnet email? I have tried Pop 3 and Imap settings and every conceivable configuration of ports, encryption etc but to no avail - I want to port all my emails and folders to the Laptop once I've set it up. 

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Community Gaffer
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Re: How to setup Plusnet emails via Outlook 2021?

Thanks for your post @parker100 and welcome to our Community Forums.

I'm sorry to see you're having issues setting your emails up on Outlook 2021.

If you're using the right settings explained Here would you be able to take screenshots of each stage you go through?

Feel free to either post the screenshots up here, making sure you remove any private info, or private message me them. 

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Re: How to setup Plusnet emails via Outlook 2021?

OL 2021 is probably trying to do its own thing and get it totally wrong. You need to tick the setup servers manually option.

The right settings are

IMAP: port 993 SSL/TLS

Left to itself OL will try to use and … which are never going to work.

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