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How to change your outgoing server on a mail client

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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How to change your outgoing server on a mail client

IMPORTANT - If you use webmail to send and receive e-mails you don't need to change anything as webmail handles all of this for you

We're about to make changes to our e-mail platform which means you may need to update your outgoing mail server in any e-mail clients that you use. Below are links to guides on how to change the settings on the most popular mail clients and devices.

Windows 8 Mail

Windows 10 Mail

Microsoft Outlook 2010

Mozilla Thunderbird

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Android phones and tablets


What should my outgoing mail server be?

Depending on how long you've been with us and when you've signed up to us you may have a different mail server such as Force9 for some Plusnet customers or even Globalnet for some of our Madasafish customers. Below is a table showing which mail server you need to use for which e-mail address you have.  For example if your e-mail address is then you'll need to use as your outgoing mail server.



Outgoing Server (SMTP)
Port 25 or 587
Username Format Email Address Format
Plusnet [username] [mailbox]@
Freeonline [username] [mailbox]@
Force9 [username] [mailbox]@
Metronet smtp.
[full email address] [mailbox]@
Madasafish smtp.
[full email address] [username]@
Globalnet smtpmail.
[full email address] [username]@
Totalise [full email address] [username]@
IC24 [full email address] [username]
Care4Free [full email address] [username]
Dialstart smtpmail.
[full email address] [username]
Freenetname smtpmail.
[full email address] [username]
Surfree [alias username]
(use with alias password)
[alias username]


SMTP Authentication

If you want to send e-mails using our servers when you're not on your Plusnet connection then you'll need to setup what's known as SMTP Authentication. The guides provided above show how to do this but you may not be clear on what details you need to enter. The username and password you'll need to enter depends again on which brand you signed up to.

So for example, if Joe had a Force9 e-mail address he'd need to enter his account username and password to successfully send e-mails. On the other hand, if Joe had a Freenetname e-mail address he would need to enter his full e-mail address and the password for the e-mail account to be able to do this.

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