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Emails Archived

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Registered: ‎18-10-2022

Emails Archived

Hi, my Plusnet emails were recently archived as I hasn't logged in for some time. Can anyone help me to restore these?

Many thanks
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Community Gaffer
Community Gaffer
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Re: Emails Archived

Hi there,

Have you received an email which suggests we've archived your mail?

If so could you private message me what it says in the email including the date we sent it? 

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
Anoush Mortazavi
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Re: Emails Archived

Hello there!

(@aa0000: I'm taking advantage of your post... hope you don't mind!)


Hi Gandalf,

I think I might have the same problem as aa0000

I've seen what you asked aa0000 to message you privately: I did try to see whether I could do the same, but cannot find a way to do so.

(I'm new to the community, and when I clicked on the only "private message" on your personal profile page, I got "You do not have sufficient privileges for this resource or its parent to perform this action.")

Would you be able to advise on a way to un-archive the emails that even new members could access?



My problem in more detail:

I have not checked my inbox for a while, and a few days ago I received a letter advising the email had been archived.. it suggested the following:

To stop this from happening going forward you need to access it and collect E-Mail at least once within a 90 day period.
If you would like your email restoring then please contact our support team by raising a ticket using the Help Assistant on our website:


(the link in the notification is hardly helpful, if I can be honest.. maybe it's me being not so bright, but at that link I cannot find a way to raise a ticket... would it not be more to the point to link the ticket raising page directly?)



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Re: Emails Archived

@kolerovicbof Unfortunately to prevent spam accounts, Plusnet have some security measures in place to stop new member's PM people. So you will need to post 4 more times (I believe the post count is 5 ) and have been logged onto the site for more than 10 minutes. Then you will be able to PM staff.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Emails Archived

Hey @kolerovicbof,

Thanks for reaching out to us! Since you're unable to send a PM on the forum, I've logged a support ticket on your account for us to communicate on. You can access this here. Please let me know once you've had a chance to read and respond to the ticket and I'll get back to you asap Smiley

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 Alex H
 Plusnet Help Team