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Email disappears before being read.

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Re: Email disappears before being read.

@cyrilclark1 wrote:

or get her own Plusnet address.

I think that will probably solve the problem for the future.

Thank you again for all your wisdom! It is very much appreciated.

You can have as many email addresses on your Plusnet account as you want.  Just got to "Manage My Email" in the user portal.

Note that the username for "secondary" email addresses (as they are called) is accountname+mailaddress


To explain...

  • Your primary email address (probably or has the user name "account"
  • A secondary email address (say has the user name "account+wife" which needs to be used when configuring the email address on any device

There is no reason why you should not set that up today!!!

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Re: Email disappears before being read.

Thank you again - I'll certainly get on with setting up my wife's email account.

I have really appreciated all your advice; the issue of the missing emails was a complete mystery. Thanks to you I now know why it happend.

With kind regards.