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Email Storage limits

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Email Storage limits

I received an email message from Plusnet telling me that I had used more than 75% of my mailbox capacity. The allocated allowance is stated as 1GB.

I have since managed to delete a number of larger messages residing in Inbox and Sent folders, but Webmail (Roundcube) isn't working for me right now so i cannot see the impact of my efforts.

Would someone from Plusnet be able to provide me with an update of my current mailbox sizes? The email I received did include this information for each of the two mailboxes i have set up for my account. 

Also, what happens when messages are moved to Archive - do just older messages get moved or the whole mailbox, and how easy are they to retrieve?

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Re: Email Storage limits


I would not hold out too much hope of seeing a request for a mail store utilisation update report from here, as staff coverage is somewhat thin whilst there is a good deal of WFH ... which has some limits on back end system access.  I suggest that you respond to the ticket which advised of the FUP warning (if still active).  See the PN ticket link below.

When a mailbox is 'archived', the whole mailbox is archived.

The restoration process is simple enough, though getting activated is a bit of a challenge, which is why the SUs asked Plusnet to implement that stick topic on this subject - just place a request for a restore there and it gets picked up without the need to phone up to request a restore.

You note that webmail "is not working for you" ... did you perchance use the advice I gave elsewhere to sort the mailbox by size to help focus the clean-up?  If yes, then to regain optimal performance, you need to use the slow performance "fix" again to set the sort sequence to NONE rather than a specified sequence.

Did you change any of the delete management options I also mentioned?

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.