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Block Spam Email Range

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Block Spam Email Range

Hi Folks,

How do I block a range of spam email addresses?

Long story short. I walked in the door having returned from work and the wife said order me this halloween dress on the computer. Turns out it was a Chinese web site. The dress turned up two months after halloween. (slow boat from China!)

Now I'm constantly being bombarded with emails for dresses most of which wont fit me. (lol)

Unsubscribing has had no effect (surprise!)

Doing a email trace, suggests they are all coming throught a company in texas, but the last three didgets keep changing.

From what I gather through testing when I log into my account plusnet account and go to the email spam section, it doesn't like ip adresses ie I even did a whois lookup and entered the DNS server name, but that doesn't block the spam.

Can someone more knowledgeable help.





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Re: Block Spam Email Range

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Re: Block Spam Email Range


Welcome to the forum.

The sure way to fix this is to change your email address. I know it’s a pain if it’s registered with multiple organisations but now and again it’s the only sure fix.

Also put your email address into here. to see if your current address is also  known to the bad guys. I regularly check mine and have had to change it twice over the last 15 years or so because it had been pwned and I was getting spam and phishing emails.

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Re: Block Spam Email Range

Hi @simliv1


In addition to what @Baldrick1 has advised. please click here to view our spam protection guide.


Let us know if you have any further queries.

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Re: Block Spam Email Range

Thanks for the reply all,

I hadnt tried the stripped down Return-path address.

hopefully this one works,