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All email sub folders have vanished

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All email sub folders have vanished

I had a number of sub folders within my inbox containing many historic emails, some of which were extremely important and needed in reference on on going correspondence. All the subfolders have disappeared, but from my desktop email client and from webmail. I did nothing to make them disappear and cannot anywhere how I can get them back. Can anyone help?

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Re: All email sub folders have vanished

@WinfordH Are you using IMAP or POP? Is it possible you have exceeded the 1GB limit?

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: All email sub folders have vanished

Hello @WinfordH

Thanks a lot for reaching out and I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues in accessing your emails. @jab1 has made a good point, in that I can see that you received an email back in June advising that some of your emails have been archived as your exceeded your storage limit. There's no telling as to exactly which emails were archived, but they were nonetheless. Other agents have been in the account since, but there are no notes, so I'm not sure whether they've been unarchived at all.

Saying that though, theoretically, the archiving of your emails should not affect sub-folders that you've created, so I'm leaning towards this being an issue with the email account itself. Are you able to clear your cookies and cache on your web browser, log back into webmail and let me know if the folders have re-appeared at all?

 Plusnet Help Team - Leeds