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Accessing closed Email account

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Registered: ‎18-06-2023

Accessing closed Email account

Hi Im wondering if it's possible to access my old Plusnet Email account thats been closed for quite some time?  I've recently had a few issues Ive needed to address with  a TV subscription and my sons Nintendo switch account that were signed up to when my plusnet email was in use and I foolishly didnt change email accounts  them before leaving Plusnet.

Subsequently now I find myself needing to change details on those accounts and any  information is going to be sent to the plusnet address that I have no access to.

Wondered if it would be possible to regain access long enough to change what I need to (or pay to have it re-opened permanently)

Than ks in advance

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Re: Accessing closed Email account

@SonicReducer Welcome to the forums. Unfortunately, when an account is closed, all the account data is destroyed, so it is not possible to reopen any element of it. Sorry.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Accessing closed Email account

Hi @SonicReducer 

I've sent you a PM.

Dave Tomlinson
Enterprise Architect - Network & OSS
Plusnet Technology