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Yet another anomaly!

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Yet another anomaly!

Apologies if this has been mentioned before.

Clicking on the Forum link next to Blog I see the list of fora, on this list it tells me what the last post was, so in this example it's "Any Ideas??" in Tech Help, however, if you then click the forum title ("Tech Help ...") the topic at the top i.e. the latest is in fact "BT Fibre Modem" as the time stamps prove. So unless I am missing something then this would appear to be yet another item to add to the "TODO" list.

I see this has been mentioned before :

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Re: Yet another anomaly!

Hi @Anonymous,

I think if you look very carefully, you'll see that there is some logic in what is being displayed / reported.

The fora summary lists the most recently started TOPIC where as the forum board lists TOPICS sorted by the most recent POST time-stamp.

Capture Topic1.JPGCapture Topic2.JPG

Yes I agree that its not entirely logical - believe me differentiating between TOPICS and POST lists during testing did cause more than a few hairs to be pulled from heads.  Unlike SMF, this system can treat posts as being somewhat distinct from the topics to which they belong.  Consequently you can find multiple references to the same TOPIC if you look at the POSTS centric pages.  Personally I avoid them like the plague! Thumbs_Up

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Re: Yet another anomaly!

It is logical. it's just the confusion between latest topics and latest posts. See my reply here