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Slow internet speed why ????

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Slow internet speed why ????

I’ve been having problems for weeks now 

my internet keeps dropping out so I have to switch off the router and restart it 

this fixes the problem for a short while but the tv keeps bufferIng when streaming Or watching Netflix 

our iPads keep buffering or are really slow to bring up you tube or pictures when browsing on eBay or Facebook and marketplace

I did a test this morning and I have 2.66 download and 0.63 upload

this is a joke And often we either stop watching Netflix or have to stop using iPads at same time B6696862-77F0-4251-A9DC-468DA2AAF0DA.png

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Re: Slow internet speed why ????

You are posting on two boards at once. People here are very willing to help but your multiple postings cause confusion. Post once and wait for the replies.

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Re: Slow internet speed why ????

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