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Post not appearing as unread message

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Post not appearing as unread message

From my thread here in general I got an email message saying that @Baldrick1 mentioned me, but on viewing the content of the email there is no mention, so I can only assume the mention was added in the the edit and that generated the email but it is the original source of the message that's used in the email!

Also, this email arrived at 10:35:53 but when viewing the Forum using this URL some 7 minutes later the message has not appeared as can be seen here,


even though the notification is. I know there is a delay in spam trapping but 7 minutes, really! However, if spam trapping is the culprit here then the email should not be sent until the message is allowed, otherwise I still get the spam.

So refreshing again after another minute, 8 minutes after the email and the post still isn’t there but another one is (this one) so I’ve had to read the post using the link provided in “My notifications”

Any idea as to what has happened?

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Re: Post not appearing as unread message


Of course I have no idea what happened but will own up to adding @Anonymous in my edit.

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