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Notification Emails - possible anomaly?

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Notification Emails - possible anomaly?

Over the weekend I 'played' with various settings for Notification emails.  OK They work, but not a function I need.

Anyhoo, this evening having a further look at the output I came across a possible anomaly in the output from "posts I am @mentioned in"  (and very probably others?)

Mail content is fine, but in a nice Plusnet 'burple' box along with the Facebook;  Twitter etc Icons are two links

manage notification settings  which links to (indirectly) to :  This page controls the subscription settings whereas I believe it should more appropriately point at


unsubscribe which links (indirectly) to:****... (User detail munged).  This link takes you to page to remove your Email address from the Profile!  Potentially very wrong especially for Newbies?  I'm not clear quite what the intention was and therefore where a better landing place would be.  Needs a bit of thought, but in the context of the source of the email it could be the same link as above?  Possibly needs a 'Help' bubble to explain the context.


Of course I could just be confusing myself in the detail.  Crazy3



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Re: Notification Emails - possible anomaly?

That does sound vaguely familiar Maurice. It's all emails and that's not the only issue. But I thought the links bit had been sorted. I'll go and check later what was supposedly done.