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New user post delays?

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New user post delays?

First of all: I have verified my email address (Email verification status: Verified in my preferences confirms this).


I've posted a support question (as a new topic) in the Fibre Broadband forum, but the post is not showing up there. It is not listed in my profile either. I subscribed to the topic and post, and can only find the post back in the subscriptions section. When not logged in, the post can't be loaded (Topic not found).


Is there a moderation queue for new users that vets posts?

Direct link to the post is

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Community Gaffer
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Re: New user post delays?


Hi @zopatista,

Welcome to the forums! We have a spam filter in place that can be a little bit twitchy with new users depending on the content that is posted. I just checked the spam filter and found your post and released it so that it can be publicly viewed.

Many thanks,


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