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Latest Post by (insert user name here)

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Latest Post by (insert user name here)

Because of the way the popout works when you click your user name I came across what I thought was a bit of an oddity, see the attached image.

The question is of course why the double entries, what is the logic of this? Or is it simply another 'issue'.

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Re: Latest Post by (insert user name here)

I think it is just another annoying issue linked to other problems like unread post counts differing depending on where you are in the hierarchy.  The 'Fly out menu' problem, I find particularly frustrating when what I believe that what I've selected is 'My notifications' but get 'My recent posts'  Ticked off

Of course it all works correctly if I build in a pause in my interaction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In its current state the site is borderline unusable for all bar basic functionality.  (Personal opinion)  I remain optimistic that PN will soon apply some fixes to the most serious 'bugs' - but the clock is ticking.



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Re: Latest Post by (insert user name here)

Borderline unusable ?


Surely not !,  I recall that they delayed rolling out this magnificent example of progress, so they could iron out the few remaining minor issues.