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Exception ID: 34733EC1

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Exception ID: 34733EC1

Just had the above error approx 10:42 23/06/2016

FF 47; Win XP

From Forum page selected latest post in 'My accounts/Billing'  - bang!

Tried unsuccessfully to upload screenshot.  Gets part way through uploading image but 'burple'  Done button greyed out,

error ID34733EC1(2).JPG

Second attempt was successful after I re-saved the image as JPEG rather than BMP!

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Community Gaffer
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Re: Exception ID: 34733EC1

Thanks for letting us know, I don't think we have seen this error code reported before. @LouisaMartin, can we have this one raised with support please? Maurice has given exact times and data needed to pinpoint this one in their server logs.

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