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2 year contract ?

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2 year contract ?

Posting here because still waiting for replies to questions about super slow broadband , phoning up means bring a sleeping bag and a flask = 30 minutes is not uncommon then to be told oh sorry I will have to through to someone else but don't worry you will be put straight through ,only find another 30 minute wait , = just put the phone down , then I get a call telling me I can have fiber for less than what I'm paying now but it will be a 2 year contract ,however when I mail them to put it in wttiting and send it to me guess what = nothing then I get as call offering me fiber but it will cost me more money ,
Iv been with plusnet a long time but it looks like its time to move on its supposed to be a communications company but it falls far short of that !
Offcom is changing the regulation's on leaving your ISP,s in June making it a lot easier for the customers to find a new suppler !
I did a post on this but it dissapeared .
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Re: 2 year contract ?

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