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Service Status Changes

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Service Status Changes

Over the past few months, following feedback we've received  we’ve been hard at work at giving our Service Status pages a well-deserved face lift. Currently, if there’s an incident such as a major service outage (MSO), or an outage of a particular customer impacting service, we update to give our customers an overview of what’s gone wrong, how it impacts their experience, and how long we think it will take to get it fixed. However, the systems we use to update our Service Status haven’t really been improved since we built them, barring a few cosmetic changes.


So, since last summer we've been building a new and shiny Service Status page that makes it easier for our customers to get an update when there’s an issue or outage they need to be aware of. Our Engineering teams have been hard at work plugging it in, so to speak, and we’re ready to roll it out!


We’ve also got a much more responsive admin suite, meaning it’s much easier to get a message out to our customers when things do go wrong. Previously, we’d have to login to Workplace (our internal customer relationship management software) to update our service status, which was no good when Workplace was down! Similarly, if our website went down, customers wouldn’t be able to see the update as the content was all hosted in the same place.


Now, our social media teams can update service status through a completely independent portal, removing these dependency, and meaning we’ve much more opportunities to engage with our customers to let them know if things aren’t right.


The new pages will be live from today, you can view them here the new capabilities should really make a difference and is all part of our plans to improve the way we communicate outages and maintenance to our customers. We know we haven't always provided good clear updates and this is part of our plan to change that.going forward.


Here is a screenshot of the new landing page

Service Status1.pngThis is a new tool, so we've manually entered some of the service statuses from the last 3 months, but only ones we're entirely sure what was impacted and that we were able to translate into the new format, so you will find some missing, 

We don't want to appear to be hiding things so for our oldest open problem (Mail) we asked our developers to edit the date to the date the original issue was raised the rest have date of the 14th of February as the machine stamped date as this was when they were entered.

 Jono H
 Plusnet Community Manager