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New Community Site Moderator - Recruitment/Elections Announcement

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New Community Site Moderator - Recruitment/Elections Announcement

We are in the process of recruiting a new moderator to help out on this site.
The rules are laid out below, you can discuss this announcement here.
Happy nominating, and good luck to all potential candidates.  Wink

The rules for nominating a candidate for election as a moderator and the critical dates are laid out below.
STEP 1  
A nomination is required from a forum user to suggest another user who is willing to accept the position. The nominator must PM one of the exisiting mods with a short text (no more than 8 lines) explaining why they think their nominee would make a good forum moderator. This text will be used as part of the public voting thread. A user can not nominate themselves. All nominations must be complete by the end of Sunday 23rd September 2007.
However if a person who feels they would make a good moderator has not been nominated by another forum user. That person may PM one of the moderators who will then discuss the issue among the other moderators with a view to one of them possibly being the sponsor for that user. This PM must be received by the existing Moderators before Sunday 30th September 2007.
STEP 2  
The moderators will then assess that the nominated party fits into the following criteria -
1. Must have been a customer of one of the PlusNet brands (PlusNet, FORCE9, Free-Online or Metronet) for at least 6 months and currently be using a paid account from one of these brands.
2. Must be a regular poster on the forums. (There is no minimum post requirement, as we expect regular contributors to be most likely to be nominated)
3.Can not have been banned or warned for forum conduct in the last three months. (Historic conduct on vISP portal forums will be considered.)
If the candidate does not fit within this criteria the moderators will inform the nominating member by PM.
STEP 3  

The moderators will contact the nominee by Private Message between 23rd and 30th September and ask them to confirm that they intend to stand for election . They will be asked to prepare no more 8 lines of text for the public voting thread. If they do not respond by the end of Sunday 7th October 2007 or they choose not to stand, the moderators will inform the nominator by PM.
If more than 2 members nominate someone then the first recieved nomination and text will be used.
STEP 4  
The moderators will produce a list of all candiates, their text and that of the nominating party and enter it into a forum post and the community will be given 7 days to vote for their prefered candidate.
STEP 5  
After the vote is complete, the moderators will assess the voting process to ensure it was conducted in a fair manner. If there is any evidence of unfairness then the election will be declared null and void with the whole process having to be re-run.
If all is above board, they will contact the winner asking if they intend to take the role. Once this is confirmed it will be announced to the community as a whole.

You can discuss this announcement here.