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Community Updates July 2016

Community Gaffer
Community Gaffer
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Community Updates July 2016

Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce that we have got a large collection of changes ready to be applied to the live site between 14:00 and 16:00 this afternoon (28/07/2016).

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the delay on this particular update. We promised bi-weekly updates and I couldn't deliver on that promise so I am sorry about that. There was a lot of due process to go through to get everything approved but I think that overall it was worth the effort.

So without further delay, this is what we have scheduled to be updated tomorrow:

Big changes:

  • Removal of floated solutions - fixes will now be displayed in the normal flow of conversation and will be highlighted with a green border (thread). This is already live but the green border and banner are part of the update
  • Granular search added to the header to search within boards, categories, users and private messages - This is basically a drop down menu to search for specific categories of things (posts, users, private messages for example) on the community without having to use the advanced search.
  • Text colours updated across entire community to use a darker colour so text is more readable (thread & initial fix)
  • Media uploader for small screens have been fixed by Lithium engineers

Regular changes:

  • Update to homepage welcome message
  • Script implemented to remove empty paragraphs at the end of a post but not in the middle of content (thread)
  • Script to remove empty paragraphs at the end of quotes but not in the middle of content (thread)
  • Sticky posts will no longer display a duplicated normal thread if they are on the same page (thread)
  • Changed button text on 'next' and 'previous' on private message page to say 'newer' and 'older'
  • Ping graph updates done by Bob
  • Private messages - 'Back to sent messages' link repositioned to match the 'Back to inbox' link
  • Warning message will now appear for the reply page when the last post was more than 120 days old (thread)
  • Added a border around posts in a similar way that highlighted posts and solutions are displayed (thread)
  • Reduced space between buttons slightly so that the post buttons could fit in the updated layout better (part of the border change above)
  • Pinch and zoom restored for touch devices
  • Titles on replies to a thread have been hidden and the message status moved to be in the same area as the time/date of the post
  • Tidy up of the 'who thanked your post' page
  • Hovering over the Thanks counter on posts will now reveal the names of the users who clicked the Thanks button thus eliminating the need to click through to a secondary page to view who thanked a post.

Minor changes:

  • Quote text colour updated and layout tidied up (thread)
  • Link to solution opens in the same tab instead of in a new tab or window
  • Link to Blog to go to correct blog location
  • Changed header link to Help & Support so that protocol resolves itself
  • Profile page online and offline status now shows text for the users current status
  • Arrangement of useful links bar so that the links side-by-side are more related to each other (thread)
  • Tooltip for the 'thanks' button has been updated to include the word 'like' as part of the text (thread)
  • HTML tables in the unread post page are now forced to stay within the confines of the container (thread)
  • Link manager now defaults to open in a new window in the select box
  • Added pager to the bottom of the online user page
  • image modal box now displays full width of page when clicking an image to view
  • Emails have been updated to include some text about not replying to the email (thread)
  • Header and footer links updated to match the main website
  • Online user panel accessibility - admins, moderators and staff will now show in the label when hovering over their avatar

As I mentioned above, these changes will be applied between 14:00 and 16:00 on the 28th of July 2016 and @mtrinder will be overseeing this to make sure it all goes smoothly. When the update happens, the community might stop responding for a minute but you will probably not notice any interruption in performance of the community.

Thank you all for your patience with getting updates done and also thank you for your feedback and suggestions over the last few months. Some of the above changes were suggestions from members here and I am very thankful for their input.

If you have any questions about the changes please do let us know on the community feedback thread I have created.


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