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Changes to Tickets

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Re: Changes to Tickets

The transcript should be auto saved to your account, just like tickets, so they can be referred to when needed.
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Re: Changes to Tickets

This thread is somewhat going off topic, discussing the more general matter of restricted access to and use of the ticketing system as discussed elsewhere.
This thread is about a user's touch on a ticket no longer pushing the ticket to the back of the CSC queue for action.  Would it be too bigger ask to have the general posts to the general thread?
One does wonder if the change (Chris Pettitt drove through the PlusNET treacle) had been done some 6, 12 or 18 months earlier, would there have been far fewer people needing to phone in asking "why has my ticket not been progressed?"?  Thereby avoiding management to believe that one way of reducing call volumes was to kill off the ticketing system?  Huh