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Usage Limit

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Usage Limit

Hi, I have been a Plusnet unlimited business broadband customer now for several years. Recently we have been looking at ways to reduce our outgoings and changed our Plusnet product to a less expensive option and made a few tweaks to our call options and entered into a new 24-month contract in the process. 

Unknown to me there was a 25gb monthly usage limit on the new contract which is just not suitable for us and I have already been warned we are nearing that limit after only 2 weeks usage.  Does anyone know if I am ok to 'change the product' via the website to an unlimited option ?.....I'm happy to enter into another contract.

I know it's my own fault but I genuinely thought all Plusnet broadband was unlimited as standard ...clearly, this is not the case. 



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Re: Usage Limit

Out of interest, I just looked at and under the heading "Included in all our packages" it says "Unlimited broadband with no usage limits".

To me that is unambiguous. So not your fault at all.

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Re: Usage Limit

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Re: Usage Limit

Thanks, to be honest I am bit miffed as at no time as I changed products did I see there was a 25gb limit.


However I know what it can be like on some forums so hence I said it was my fault as often there is another member of a community willing to hit you with the old 'did you read the T&C's' .....In all honesty I dont remember seeing any so therefore did not read them.

Typically the page you have directed me to is for new customers who seem to be automatically given unlimited usage....clearly not the case for longstanding customers (who always had unlimited broadband until this month)


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Re: Usage Limit

Hi @raymiemack,

Thank you for getting in touch and please accept my apologies for any confusion during the package change.

I have sent an email to our Customer Options Team requesting a call back to discuss a move to an unlimited package. I have checked the available packages for your account and can see that the option is provided to change to either unlimited or a limited package due to the age of the account however, the new sign up section of our website doesn't allow selecting these legacy packages.

If you are available, feel free to call our Customer Options Team directly on 0800 013 2632 as soon as they are open. (Monday - Friday 9AM - 5:30PM.)

Thank you.

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