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Faulty ECI Modem?

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Faulty ECI Modem?



I have submitted a ticket about this - but it would be nice to see if anyone else has had similar issues or whether this is an isolated case.


When my ECI modem has been connected for a few days, all of a sudden the connection will drop.  When this happens, the modem will automatically re-connect, but with massive latency and really slow throughput.  It will then be in this broken state until i turn it off and back on.


It's not hot, so I doubt it is overheating, and it does the same thing with a different router attached to it, so I can rule out the router as the issue, which I didn't think would be the cause as I don't need to restart the router to get the connection back to normal, I only need to restart the ECI modem.


It seems to be getting worse too.... When this originally started happening, it would last a few weeks.  Now, it lasts only a few days.


Here is an example of it when it happens:


Here is an example of an ECI Modem restart, fixing the issue:


Any idea's?  Can I just assume the modem is faulty, or could something else be at play here

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Faulty ECI Modem?

Hi there, I can't personally recall dealing with a similar case but it does sound like there's an issue with the modem in particular.

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