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adsl offline

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adsl offline

I'm really "pleased" by he quality of this british network. Still I find it surprising why should someone be "proud" of it.

I tried calling tech support, but sadly it is close now. On the other hand I'm happy not to have to talk with some plusnet [insert word] who is not mentality capable that the problem is from you.

Without having to pay other fees, is there a way to close this contract before term? There is no connection at all. 



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Re: adsl offline


Most people find that an explanation of their problem and steps taken so far to rectify it leads to often helpful advice from fellow customers and/or action from Plusnet staff.

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Re: adsl offline

Hi @amimandami


I have taken a look into your account and can see that currently your router is showing a connection to the internet, there is also recorded both up/download data transfer usage from today, which is indicative of devices performing tasks on the internet. 

If you are still noticing issues please let us know after looking at our troubleshooting guides here

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