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Unstable Wi-Fi connections

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Unstable Wi-Fi connections

I’ve been reading about issues with Wi-Fi being unstable and I am seeing similar. I have a few devices that will lose internet access after a short time (minutes) and then reconnect, then drop again. Wi-fi stays active and I can always access the plus net hub page, but not internet. 


I am am seeing a large number of auth failures and reconnection. Tried disabling one of the Wi-Fi bands but no difference.  Static IP’s....long and short lease. No difference.  


Any ideas?

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Re: Unstable Wi-Fi connections

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Re: Unstable Wi-Fi connections


Hi @abarnfield123


Thanks for getting in touch.


I can see that we raised an external fault for you last month, but following the resolution of that issue there are no further indicators of anything account/line related which could be causing this.


Just to confirm, do these drops purely happen via wifi? (e.g - does a wired connection negate the issue?).


Do you find that they occur across all of the available wifi channels or are more prevalent across one or two?


Have you obtained a wifi analyser app to see which wifi channels are being used in your location?


Do you have access to an alternative router (even temporarily) to see if that improves matters?


Let us know