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Trouble with new router

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Trouble with new router

I've just got PlusNet broadband and had trouble setting up my router. My broadband was working perfectly with my previous supplier which ended on Wednesday morning. I connected the new router, the broadband light turns on however the internet won't light up. I've turned everything off and on, checked connections and done a factory reset of the router but still nothing.
Tried to call support but after an hour still no answer and live chat is unavailable, any help would be great.
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Re: Trouble with new router

What router are you trying to use with the plusnet service?

What router were you using with your old service?

what was your old service?

what equipment were you using on the old service?

do you still have an old Openrteach ( white square box) plugged in?


have you tried here:


one of the things i've had trouble with in the past is with getting the username right - it should be and not

 ( username is your isp username which should be different to your forum username)


If you are using a plusnet supplied router, the above guide should also help with your username, if plusnet are still sending the hub one in theory it should set itself up although the hub one is somewhat long in the tooth and has had multiple issues reported on here and elsewhere