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Speed issues

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Registered: ‎29-04-2022

Speed issues

Hi All


Bit of a story here

Im on Fibre unlimited and the other week connection was dropping continually so i logged a fault call. (without me knowing turns out BT were messing about in the FTTC boxes)...


Anyway a CUBE engineer was sent and found my speed was suboptimal anyway.

At this point i was using a BT modem and Netgear AC 1600 Modem Router (could never get it to connect via the inbuilt modem)..

So he had a Hub2 sent which arrived today just hooked it up


Before swap over on my Netgear router.

Wired was giving me 35Mbs and 34Mbs on Wireless

After Swap over to Hub2 Router

Wired has jumped to 37MBs but wireless has dropped to just 26 MBs !!!


My minimum guaranteed should be 44Mbs anyway..


I know people are going to bleat on about how you cant test using wireless etc etc but this was with no other devices even connected and both sets of tests were run from the same laptop.

Any thoughts.









Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Speed issues

Hi there Paul, I'm sorry to see that your speeds over WiFi have dropped after installing the Hub Two, if you like I can log into it from here and run a wireless channel scan which should show the best channels to move the router onto to get the most out of the wireless speeds. I just need to ask for your permission to do that first as it will cause the WiFi signal to drop temporarily for about two minutes.

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team