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Slow speed,

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Registered: ‎21-12-2022

Slow speed,

Signed up to unlimited fibre extra, pre contract states guaranteed minimum download of 43.7Mbps. getting around 35Mbps constantly and an upload of around 5Mbps. These figures are around the unlimited fibre speeds. The router is set to 40Mg downstream, and upstream is set to 20Mb. Openreach speed check is no difference.
Below is a copy of my online account details. Thanks.
Product: Unlimited Fibre Extra
Estimated Download Range: 32 - 36Mbps
Estimated Upload Range: 4 - 5Mbps
Minimum Guaranteed Speed: 29.2Mbps
Current Line Speed (Download): 78Mbps
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Re: Slow speed,

Have you restarted the router since changing the product?

@melb1000 wrote:
The router is set to 40Mg downstream, and upstream is set to 20Mb.
Current Line Speed (Download): 78Mbps

What do you mean by "SET TO"?

Can you please post your router stats from the router's admin interface (Advanced / Technical log).

The fact that the current line speed reports 78mbps suggests that all is as it should be for fibre extra.

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