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Slow download speed

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Slow download speed


I’m hoping someone can help. I have had no issues at all with my broadband for the last 18 months but in the last week the download speed has been painfully slow and the broadband intermittently drops out.

I have followed all the basic checks and rebooted the router but no improvement.

Both my speed test and the plusnet current line speed say 0.2mbps.

The broadband troubleshooter is not working to log the fault and I have been unable to get through on the customer service line.
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Re: Slow download speed

@Lambelizabeth Welcome to the forums. First question - have you checked your phone line for interference? Dial 17070, select option 2 - apart from the regular 'Quiet Line Test' announcement there should be NO sound on the line - if there is, report a PHONE fault.

I assume as you have posted on the ADSL board that you are on that service.

Are you able to post the results of the 'Troubleshooting' tab from your router?

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Re: Slow download speed


It could be that your Hub is not properly configured, try this:

  1. Factory reset of the hub by pushing a paperclip or similar in to the reset hole and hold the switch closed for about 30 seconds.
  2. Leave it 10 minutes or so and see if that fixes it,

If that doesn’t work:

  1. Log in to the hub by putting in the address field of your web browser.
  2. On the broadband page (I think, you may need to look through the pages to find it, depending on which hub you have) you should find the username. If it’s then it hasn’t configured itself.
  3. Remove the DSL cable.
  4. Change the username to your account username in the form <username>
  5. Enter your account password.
  6. Plug the DSL cable back in.
  7. If it doesn’t try to connect select Connect (again you may need to look through he pages to find it).

Let us know how you get on.

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Re: Slow download speed

Good morning @Lambelizabeth

Thanks a lot for reaching out and I'm really sorry to hear about the problems you're having with your broadband. This is not an authentication issue, there clearly appears to be something wrong with the line itself.I've just processed a DLM reset to see if this makes things better or you, although if there's an underlying fault with the service, we'll need to get it raised with Openreach. Please let us know how your connection is in around 48 hours and we'll follow up. Smiley


 Plusnet Help Team - Leeds