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Router password compromised

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Router password compromised

We recently had someone call at the house about installing security cameras. They said they needed access to the WiFi password to run an upload/download speed test. I am now worried this isn't legitimate & the WiFi security is compromised. How do we change the password? I have tried putting the IP address into the search bar but many sites come up & none say Plusnet.
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Re: Router password compromised


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I suspect that you are using a search field provided by the likes of Google on your browser. You do not use this. Put the hub IP address in to the browser address field, normally located at the top of the browser page.

Depending on which hub you have you will find the wireless password in the advanced settings under wireless. You will need to enter the hub admin password to access the advanced settings. You will find this on a label on the hub.

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Re: Router password compromised

What router are you using?

To change your Wi-Fi password using a recent Plusnet router, you would browse to from a connected device and then navigate to the Advanced Wi-Fi settings (entering the router admin password when prompted). Here there should be an option to change the Wi-Fi password/WPA-PSK key.

Note that the settings will be reverted if you ever factory reset the device.

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