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Router issues - weak signal

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Router issues - weak signal

Hi, I'm a new customer with Plusnet unlimited fibre. We're having issues with our router (the free technicolour router supplied by plusnet) - the range is terrible and barely seems to work outside the living room where the modem and router are. Plusnet have sent us another router to try but it's just the same. We aren't able to get a wireless signal upstairs. From my upstairs bedroom I have no signal, but get reasonably strong signals from my neighbours!
Does anyone have any advice on improving the wireless signal? I've already tried changing to a lower-traffic channel, but didn't make any difference to the range.
I bought an extender (Netgear WN1000RP) but can't get it to work - for a start the signal doesn't reach far enough to get to the extender unless it's also on the ground floor, which doesn't really help. Even trying to set it up within range, I can't seem to connect to the EXT network - the extender instructions says it should accept same password as the router, but this doesn't seem to work.
Any ideas? Is the free plusnet router not good enough and do I need to buy a new router to get a decent signal? (really don't want to have to!!)
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Re: Router issues - weak signal

Hi Anna,
Welcome to the forums.
Whist the PN router is not brilliant, in my experience it is not as bad as you are experiencing.  Before doing anything else I suggest that you down load and use inSIDDer to analyse wifi networks around you.  Look for a free or quieter channel and use that for your wifi.  A lower channel is not necessity a better option, you need a less used one.
What kind of property do you live in?  Does it have thick walls?  Is it quite new, possibly having foil lined insulation in the walls?  Where is the router located?  Is it behind something which might block the signal?
Mine is screwed to the wall about waist height and provides a workable signal 3 rooms away through brick walls (mid 30s pub).